Estates, Trusts,Accountings,money management 

Conservatorships, Care Management,Elder Financial Abuse Investigations

Our Fiduciary Duty to You

  1. To be a Fiduciary, is to be unfailingly loyal to the instructions and wishes our client, settlor, beneficiaries, and/or conservatee has given.  
  2. To collect and inventory all assets
  3. Obtain fair market values
  4. Prepare and have ready accountings of assets (generally reviewed annually)
  5. Identify and locate beneficiaries
  6. Manage, protect and invest assets
  7. Open appropriate financial accounts
  8. Open safe-deposit box
  9. Pay debts and expenses
  10. Insure the filing of tax returns and payment of taxes--federal and state
  11. Meticulously record all payments 
  12. Distribute remaining assets to the proper beneficiaries 
  13. Communicate with beneficiaries impartially 

Fiduciaries Never Do the Following

  1. Co-mingle trust funds with personal funds
  2. Loan trust assets without proper documentation and security
  3. Receive assets in their own name
  4. Make final distribution of trust assets before obtaining waivers, receipt, and releases from the beneficiaries; or
  5. Invest trust funds outside of the Prudent Investor Act requirements.